My Childhood Photos Are

” Timesless Memories “

Manasa Alladi and Srikanth Katakam the duo behind the

inception of Giggles photography being passion about

photography started capture life moments through their lens.

Manasa Alladi is a photography enthusiast and Looking

the world through the lens was her favourite past time in

her childhood which turned into a passion later.

After completing graduation joined a multinational tech

giant where she worked for about 6 years. Being a mom

of two she has started capturing the cute things her little

ones does which brought alive her dreams for photography.

She has dreamt of sharing joy of capturing and reliving the

wonders the little ones do to all the parents out there and joined

her childhood friend srikanth katakam who bas already started

working with cam leaving behind a corporate job. Both of them

make an incredible combo in handling the cute little ones

and capturing their lively moments .Their zeal and enthusiasm

 towards their work has brought in lot of accolades from those

who worked with them.